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Integrated Ink Tank Systems And How They Can Help Save Money


The entire printing industry has gone through a number of evolutions since printers hit the consumer market. In the last few years, though, those changes haven't been such great news for consumers. The cost of printers of all kinds has dropped drastically, saving consumers several hundred dollars on some of the top quality printers on the market. However, in contrast to that beneficial change in the market, printer cartridges and printer ink have seen a steep increase in costs. Manufacturers noticed that their main revenue stream came from the sale of printer ink rather than printers, and so made the necessary adjustments in the market. Many people have moved from brand name printer ink to ink alternatives in order to save some money. Now there is the invention of the integrated ink tank systems in new printers that once again revolutionizes the industry and cuts costs for consumers.

The famed printer manufacturer Epson is the first to announce its new technology, but many other printers are sure to adapt the ink tank systems into their products. This new technology provides a huge relief for consumers who have seen high prices for printer cartridges and ink. All printer ink has an expiration date and most tend to dry up after long periods of inactivity. This means that people have to continuously purchase new cartridges to keep their printer running. The same is true of people who do a lot of printing and quickly run out of ink.

With the new integrated ink tank systems, efficiency will go up and costs will come down dramatically. Rather than print in a steady stream of printing with ink always coming out, the ink tank systems work differently. First, each integrated ink tank system comes with two bottles of ink to be used: a 70 ml color ink bottle and a 70 ml black ink bottle. The black ink can print approximately 4,000 black pages while the color ink can print up to 6,500 color pages. This translates to a low cost per page of printing, on both the black ink end and color ink end. Additionally, some of the newer bottles actually come equipped with two extra black ink bottles so that you are ready to print for longer.

The reason this new tank system works so well is that it actually allows the print head to eject ink droplets in three different sizes. This is much different than the way inkjet printers currently function and can maximize how many pages you can print off of one tank. With a higher page per print and lower use of ink, consumers can save a lot of money and retain great quality.

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