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How Weekly Printer Maintenance Can Conserve Printer Ink Levels


No one wants to spend a lot of money on printer ink, yet it is one of the most widely bought supplies in an office, and sometimes a home. Keeping printer ink levels as high as possible for as long as possible seems a difficult task. However, with proper printer maintenance, a printer's ink can be conserved for a long period of time. Many people do not take the time to properly maintain their printers because they do not know how to. When their ink runs out after a short period of time, they simply replace the cartridge without question. This is financially wasteful because, with simple cleaning and maintenance techniques, a person can potentially save a lot of money by not having to buy printer ink as often.

Printer maintenance should not take place once a year, once every six months or even once a month. Thorough printer cleaning should take place once a week. This is the best way to conserve printer ink levels. Weekly maintenance also means that you are going to have your printer longer, and it will not break down as quickly. The first point to remember is that if your printer does break, do not get rid of the whole thing, but replace the broken piece. Do not buy the generic model of the part; invest in the brand name part because it will last longer and work better with your printer. To avoid any broken parts, though, maintenance on a printer begins with simple cleaning. Toner dust is especially prevalent in laser printers. Extra toner can sometimes rub off on the sides of the printer too, causing marks to be left on print jobs. The simple solution to this is to take out the easily removable toner cartridge and vacuum the inside of the printer.

You should also check on the conditions of what are called the pick-up rollers. These cylindrical parts are what spit out the print job. Most newer printers have clip-on pick-up rollers that are easy to remove and put in. Other printers will have pick-up rollers that screw in or clip on. These are not difficult to remove and replace, either. You must also watch the condition of a part called the fuser, which melts the toner onto the paper. Over time, the fuser gets cracks and must be replaced. When you see these cracks, replace the fuser by waiting until the printer is completely cool. If you do not, you could get burned. This part is usually held together by four screws, which are easily removable. These weekly steps at maintaining your printer will help your conserve ink.

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