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How Weekly Maintenance Helps You Save HP Printer Ink


With the advancements that the company has made in new printer technology, HP remains one of the top consumer brands. Unfortunately, many owners often complain about the price of authentic HP printer ink each time they have to replace their cartridges. The fact is that the constant supply of ink to get work done is the most expensive part of owning a printer.

Many persons are alarmed to find that they have to buy ink very often, and often reevaluate their printing habits, only to find that printing less is not enough to stem the problem. While some Hp fans would never think of trying another brand, others may switch to alternative inks that offer more prints per cartridge. They may even switch their printers when this fails, but find that the problem persists. Infrequent maintenance is usually the reason all these measures fail to work.

Because it has so many moving parts, a printer requires proper maintenance, which means checking it annually or once a month is not enough. The best thing to do is check it weekly, since this is the only way to find problems early. In fact, the main reason a printer may overuse ink is a bad printerhead. Running the proper print tests will help owners determine if it is time to clean or replace their printerheads. Owners who test weekly often recognized the issue before it leads to greater damages, and can prevent further expenses.

A damaged printerhead can cause annoying ink blots, pale vertical lines, excessive ink bleeds inside the printer itself, and incorrect color patterns on prints. These are just some of the printing issues that can arise from a faulty printerhead, and each one forces users to reprint the jobs. Reprints will eventually force them to replace the cartridges at a faster rate. In some cases, a damaged printerhead may even contribute to incorrect ink level readings, resulting in persons buying replacements without knowing that the cartridges are not yet empty.

Wastage can also be caused by incorrect settings or faulty cartridges, both of which can be detected via test prints. Faulty pick-up rollers are also regular culprits, and can contribute to ink loss by grabbing print jobs, or causing paper jams. Crushed, smeared, or incorrectly printed jobs also result in more ink being used.

New printer technology behind models such as the Deskjet Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer series - K209 have made it possible to buy low-cost original HP printer inks, but in many cases the brand is still pricy by comparison. This means that both prudent printing practices and a properly functioning printer are important. Since printer faults can undermine conservation efforts, weekly maintenance checks need to become a habit.

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