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How Using Draft Settings Can Save Printer Ink


In the past, forms required for business, entertainment, and school were often mailed or available for pick up at offices corresponding to these services. Now, in our ever more wireless world, many documents are being transferred electronically. This can be very convenient as it eliminates having to request forms through the mail or physically go to offices where they are available. It can have a slightly inconvenient side effect, though, in the occasion that when printing forms transmitted electronically using your own personal computer and home printer, you can use considerably more amounts of printer ink and toner than in the past. It's important to find ways to save money across the board, especially in today's uncertain economy and if you can research ink tips and utilize them to better further the life of your ink cartridges and printer, those savings can be passed on to your budget.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to save ink in your personal printer is to investigate the print settings in your printers menu. Printers have a variety of different settings ranging from Draft to Automatic Sharpening to Photo quality. Of course, all these settings have their various purposes and appropriate times for use. The Photo Quality setting is obviously best for printing photographs at home using your personal printer. The Automatic Sharpening setting would be appropriate for a very important professional document such as a resume. However, for basic printing needs, the Draft setting is just fine. All these different settings also use different amounts of ink. Automatic Sharpening and Photo Quality use the most while Draft uses the least amount of ink. Since Draft is the setting that you would want to use normally, this can save you quite a bit of ink which translates to you saving money.

Unfortunately, oftentimes what happens is you will change the printer setting to one of higher quality because you need to print a more professional and presentable document and then forget to change the printer setting back to Draft. Most printers will automatically select whatever setting was used last so you could unknowingly be printing at a higher quality when it isn't necessary and therefore losing valuable printer ink. Therefore, it's important to check your printer settings regularly and definitely right before a print job, especially if it's a print job that utilizes many different pages. Another great way to save ink and money is to change your printer settings to print color images in black and white. If you follow these simple ink tips, you'll be saving ink and money in no time!

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