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How To Salvage Printer Ink Levels For Mass Printing Jobs


It's not always safe to rely on your printer to notify you when your ink levels are low. Most of the time, you can still print up to 100 pages no matter what type of cartridge you have. Cleaning the printer nozzles can also help save printer ink. Only one set of color and black ink will suffice for most small print jobs. For massive printing jobs, you'll need more ink and, you'll need to use what you have to the last amount.

The ink levels reported to you by your computer's printer depend on the type of printer you have. Most printers will let you bypass the warning that your printer ink is low. There are several things you can do for printers that won't allow you to bypass this warning. Take out your printer cartridge, wrap it in a paper towel and shake it carefully so you don't get ink on yourself or anything else. Another idea is to take it out, replace it with a new one and allow the computer to read the new cartridge. Remove your new cartridge and set your old one back into the printer. This fools the computer into thinking that you've replaced the ink with a new cartridge.

Keeping the nozzles of the ink cartridges can also help save ink. Sometimes ink tends to dry on the nozzles after massive printing jobs. This dry ink can cause fresh ink to collect and build up on the nozzles. It stops new ink from flowing and thus retiring your cartridge earlier than you anticipated. When you notice a print job coming up choppy, it probably means your nozzles need to be cleaned.

To clean the printer nozzles, take a soft, lint free cloth and dab a little alcohol on it. Rub carefully around the printer nozzles and wipe away old, dry ink. Wait for it to dry completely before reinserting back into the printer. Always use a new cloth whenever you clean a cartridge. Using the same cloth will cause only build up and defeat the purpose of cleaning the nozzles. Some printers may have the self cleaning option available on them. While it may be tempting to use, try not to use this feature. Most of these self cleaning options tend to be rough on the nozzles and can knock them out of alignment or break them.

Before performing any major print jobs, remember to do a test page to ensure you will be receiving all the colors from your ink that is required for the job. Keeping up with your printer's ink will help you use it fully and save more money.

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