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How To Remove Printer Ink Stains


Printer ink stains, just like any other ink stain, are difficult to remove. Whether one gets them on clothing while changing the printer ink refills or when using the printer, it will take some effort to remove these stains.

Most people get printer ink stains while using leaky printer cartridges or putting in printer ink refills. While removing other normal ink stains is fairly easy with at-home products, it is a little more difficult to remove printer ink stains, owing to the difference in the ink. However, this task can be accomplished by taking the following steps, which are usually helpful and effective in removing printer ink stains.

The first step in removing printer ink stains is to scrape the ink elements, if the stain has dried and set-in. It is advised to use a plastic knife or butter knife to scrape the stain so that the garment does not tear. The next step is to take a damp towel and dab it on the stain so that the stain is lifted off the shirt/garment. It is necessary to ensure that the towel used is a light-colored one so that it does not further discolor the fabric. Once the stain lifts off to the maximum limit, the fabric should then be left to dry in the air.

Alcohol and the regular hair spray used at home are effective tools to remove the printer ink stains from a fabric. If one is using the hair spray, it is to be sprayed directly on the stain. However, if alcohol is being used, it should be dabbed onto the shirt with a towel. It's possible also to use liquid detergent on the stain if it is stubborn and set-in. Another option to remove printer ink stains is to use bleach and water in equal proportions. A toothbrush dipped in this solution and rubbed over the stain is an effective solution to the problem.

Whatever the solution used on the stain, it is then sandwiched between two layers of paper towels. One must press these paper towels against each other in such a manner that they soak in the stain from the fabric. It's necessary to keep changing the sides of the paper towels to ensure that the stain is not re-transferred to the fabric. Lastly, one must follow the pre-wash instructions for removal of the stains and then wash the fabric well with a good detergent so that the printer ink stain is completely gone.

If the stain is stubborn, it may not go away in the first wash. Therefore, it might be necessary to go through the stain removal steps once again to completely remove the printer ink stains.

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