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How To Properly Assemble A Printer Ink Refill Kit


Refill kits are a great way to avoid paying for expensive printer ink cartridges and toners whether in the home or the office. While many companies sell these useful products, it is actually possible for anyone to assemble refill kit components themselves. These kits consist of a few essential parts like a bottle of ink and a syringe which can be easily bought in stores. They can also be complemented by a few additional items which may or may not be needed depending on the make of cartridge being refilled.

The ink itself is obviously the most important component of any refill kit. It is also the most difficult to purchase because each make of printer uses a special formula of printer ink with its own make up and characteristics. Because of this, it is not possible to switch inks and still expect the machine to print properly. When shopping for ink, it is essential to buy the right one. This can be done by either noting down the model of your printer or its cartridge number. You will then have enough information to make the correct purchase.

All refill kits also contain a syringe with which to inject the ink into the cartridge. Those gathering together their own kits will need to purchase a syringe which is neither too large nor too small. Have a look at the capacity of the cartridge which needs to be refilled. Black and white cartridges generally can hold about 15 to 25 mL of ink, while color models consist of three compartments - yellow, magenta, and cyan - each holding 5 to 8 ml. Before one can assemble refill kit components, it is essential to know how much ink a particular cartridge can hold. Only then can the proper ink and the appropriate syringe be purchased.

Now that the basic kit has been assembled, there are a few additional items which may be needed for certain cartridge types. The first is a roll of paper towel as the ink may drip out of the bottom of the cartridge after refilling. Just remember that the towel should never touch the cartridge as this can draw out more ink than is necessary. Simply letting the excess drip out will be enough. Furthermore, some cartridges do not have a hole in the top through which you can inject the printer ink. In these cases, a drill will be needed to create a new refill opening.

In the end, it is actually quite easy to assemble refill kit components together. This means that purchasing a ready-made kit is not really necessary. With a few simple items, anyone can be refilling their printer cartridges in no time at all.

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