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How To Print On A Home Printer From A Smart Phone


The technology of printers and phones and even remanufactured printer ink has evolved significantly over the past several years. It is now possible to use a smart phone to browse the internet, view documents and type notes. As a result of the information that can be downloaded to a phone, the necessity to print has evolved as well. Printing from a smart phone to a home printer is easier than ever as long as the right printer is purchased and there is plenty of printer ink around.

Smart phones don't have traditional USB cables like a laptop or desktop does. Therefore a smart phone must be able to connect to the printer remotely. There are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled printers that will allow such a wireless connection to be made. Many brands of printers have produced some high quality laser and inkjet printers with these capabilities.

Once a printer is installed and loaded with printer ink, it is ready to print from any source. This includes a desktop, laptop or smart phone. While the desktop or laptop would have software to detect the printer, the smart phone will require an app to be downloaded.

The smart phone, regardless of whether it's an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, will be able to go online and download an app to make printing possible. In many cases, the printer brand will provide the name of the app, however there are many on the market that can be downloaded.

Upon being downloaded, the app will be able to search for the printer that is inside the home. As long as the printer is turned on and it has already been set up, the phone will detect the phone. Once paired, it will allow for printing to take place.

Depending on how much is being printed from a smart phone on a regular basis, printer ink can become expensive. An option to keep costs down is to look for remanufactured printer ink. This uses a recycled cartridge to be used within the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi printer instead of purchasing a brand new one. The cost of ink itself is cheap - the cartridge is what drives the costs up.

A regular supply of ink and paper is all it takes for a printer to remain operational. From there, it's possible to print virtually everything from a smart phone onto a home printer. It is commonly used for printing documents, websites, emails, text messages and even photos that were sent via text message to the cell phone owner.

With the right printer and the right app downloaded to the smart phone, printing is made easy. A computer doesn't even need to enter the equation.

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