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How To Print Large Runs Of Color Pictures Safely


Large color print jobs can put serious strain on a printer's heads and its various mechanical components. Color prints are generally more demanding than black and white prints because they use more print heads and more types of ink. The heads also move much more frequently on some printers, so it is important to appropriate care when starting these large print jobs. In order to avoid overheating and other problems, printer owners should use smart printing techniques and to work with high-quality name brand printerink or remanufactured printer ink when handling large runs of color prints.

Before starting a print job that will last more than 10-15 minutes, printer owners should find out their printer's duty cycle. This is particularly important when handling large jobs on office printers, as some office printers have surprisingly low capabilities. Manufacturers often list printer duty cycle in a printer's manual, but printer owners can also check online. Most manufacturers use pages per month, but some will also give per hour numbers. Printer owners need to be careful to avoid overextending their devices, and learning about a printer's capabilities is a good first step to take. Users should also try to use a high quality printer ink. This does not mean a name brand cartridge; while name brand cartridges work excellently during large color print jobs, they are expensive. Remanufactured printer ink and printer ink refills can work fine, but printer owners should make sure to use an ink designed specifically for the printer, as inks often act as lubricants to keep the mechanical components of the printer from overheating.

Printer owners should also break large color print jobs up into smaller runs of 10-15 pages at a time, particularly when using a small desktop printer. This also helps to prevent overheating, cartridge bursts and other issues by putting less strain on the various components of the printer. Office printers can often handle larger runs, but users should check them regularly to make sure that the printer is dissipating heat correctly. If a printer becomes hot to the touch, it may need a break of 40-50 minutes. Printer owners should only resume printing when the device is back at room temperature. Many printers also have metal panels that expel heat, and these panels should always stay in contact with a heat-conductive surface.

By using good ink and by taking some common-sense precautions, printer owners can ensure higher quality for large runs of color prints while keeping their printers well-protected from mechanical problems and overheating. Large color print runs can certainly tax an inkjet printer, but a modern printer can handle the extra work under the right conditions.

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