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How To Minimize The Cost Of Continual Printer Ink Purchases


You can't get around the fact that you're running through printer ink like water, but you can definitely learn to minimize the amount you spend on it. Many offices, retailers, homes and independent businesses have certain printer needs that they consider essential to regular operation, so trying to get rid of them entirely is pretty futile. Here are some of the best practices you can establish for keeping your printer ink cost under control.

When you use ink on a continual basis, you must consider your sources very carefully if you want to save any money. One of the top reasons professionals and individuals overspend on printer ink is that they insist on buying their supplies through the wrong channels. Lowering your monthly printer ink cost is a bit easier when you're willing to expand your buying habits beyond your normal horizons and look for your inks online, especially considering how much more you'll get for the same price.

OEM ink cartridges cost a pretty penny because the manufacturers know they can make a great deal of money off of monopolistic price structuring. While they may not be as bad as the tycoons of old, they are no strangers to charging a lot of money for cheap consumables that aren't any better than those a third party ink-only manufacturer would make. The third party printer ink cost you'll pay online makes will make manufacturer prices look like highway robbery. Because many third party manufacturers provide refill kits, you can also save extra while recycling the plastic cartridges.

Retailers are just as bad as manufacturers are about prices, albeit for different reasons. Because retailers make their money by marking up prices, they do so as much as the market will allow. Online printer ink retailers, on the other hand, are able to take advantage of drop shipping costs and better relationships with third party ink manufacturers, so their prices end up being lower across the board. Add to this the fact that your average online ink seller doesn't need to cover the costs of real estate, and you'll realize that buying your printer ink online is the best way to reduce spending.

The printer ink you buy online will be even cheaper once you establish a working relation ship with the seller, and this is usually no harder than signing up for an online customer account. This will give you access to email notifications about the special deals going on at any time, and you can also qualify for better shipping rates and bulk purchase prices. Online printer ink refill kits are the best way to save money on the ink you need.

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