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How To Find The Best Online Deal For A Printer Ink Cartridge


Finding the best online deal for printer ink cartridge replacements seems easy enough, until you suddenly realize the choices of sites and the products they offer are seemingly endless. It's also important to consider the fact that price is not the only determining factor in how good a printer ink deal actually is. Shipping costs, speed of delivery and return policy provisions are also factors to take into account when determining the best online deal for printer, fax and copier supplies.

When comparing the cost of an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) printer ink cartridge to a compatible remanufactured unit, the price difference between the two can be huge. Some consumers may be led to believe that the reason OEM toner and ink cartridges are so much more expensive than off-brand, compatible cartridges is a quality issue. If an Epson TO441 OEM cartridge sells for $22.99 and a compatible replacement unit can purchased for $3.90 online, or even $8.95 at an office supply store, many people might assume the price difference equates to a quality difference.

The fact is, what makes for the big difference in pricing is less of a quality issue and more of a distribution chain issue. Big name printer companies have big overheads to cover and advertising costs to make up for. They have to charge more because they spend more, plus there are more steps in the distribution system where profits are siphoned off.

The cartridges found for sale at big name office supply stores like Staples or Office Depot cost many times the amount spent in their manufacture. These big stores have overhead and advertising costs and, while they may be cheaper than the OEMs, they'll still be higher than just about any online deal.

There are some very useful websites on the Internet that do a good job comparing prices and policies of some of the popular printer ink cartridge outlets found online. You simply find the cartridge you need and then scan across the chart to see who offers the lowest price. Links are given for each sales site so one click brings you to the place where you can order. It's very simple.

It has become fairly standard for online printer ink cartridge sales outlets to offer free shipping for a specific minimum purchase. Others offer a certain flat rate regardless of the amount ordered. This should be noted since it will change the actual cost of your supplies. It has also become common to find a 100% money back guarantee offered, and often for up to a full year. These two factors can make a big difference on how good an online deal really is.

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