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How To Find Low Prices On Printer Inks Online


Original manufacturer printer inks are among the most expensive consumer materials in the world. All manufacturers suggest that only their own packaged ink will provide quality prints, and their ink can cost upwards of $50. For color inkjet printers, two to four cartridges are required in addition to the black ink cartridge. In some cases, the printer will not work at all unless all of the cartridges have ink, even if the print job doesn't require the color of an empty cartridge. For this reason, it can be imperative for some consumers to search online for low prices on printer inks.

It is virtually impossible to find low prices on printer inks in traditional retail stores. In order to get the best prices online, experts suggest turning to online specialists. Online ink retailers and wholesalers use a variety of methods to reduce the price of their inkjet printer inks. Of course, buyers must factor in the cost of shipping and handling, but even so, up to 50 percent can be saved on the manufacturers' OEM ink prices.

The first method that can be used to find low prices for printer inks online is to search for generic replacements. Many third-party ink cartridge manufacturers have stepped into the ring to provide low-cost alternative cartridges. In some cases, it has been argued that the quality of ink is inferior, but the vast majority of people see no difference between the two.

Refilled OEM ink cartridges are sold by many online ink retailers. These companies open spent cartridges to refill them or inject new ink through a small puncture, which is then resealed. Some of these retailers accept used ink cartridges and give out a discount for new purchases in return. Ink cartridges can only be refilled so many times before their components begin to wear out, so new empty cartridges are always required.

Another way to find low prices for printer inks online is to buy them in bulk as a printer ink refill kit. Refills kits are available that include bulk inks in the required colors, refill syringes, and instructions for each brand and type of ink cartridge. Ink refill kits provide the most savings, up to 80 percent off original OEM prices, because the buyer must do all the work in refilling the cartridges. It must be noted, however, that not all cartridges can be refilled because they contain a chip that prevents the cartridge from operating.

While it is possible to find lower prices on original manufacturers' ink cartridges online, the greatest savings comes from buying third-party ink cartridges, refilled ink cartridges or ink cartridge refill kits. Many online ink retailers will have a choice of all four.

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