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How To Find Compatible Ink Refill Kits For Lexmark Printers


Lexmark printers are fast, reliable and relatively inexpensive to purchase. The print quality is exceptional. They have become a favorite for business and home use. The only downside is the expensive ink cartridges. They are small and have to be replaced frequently. The maximum page yield for most cartridges is between 175 to 200 pages. Replacement cost is between $30 to $50 depending upon the printer model and the type of cartridges it takes. One color ink cartridges, other than black, can be considerably less.

Lexmark is committed to green practices and they either recycle or reuse their ink cartridges. They have millions of used ink cartridges being returned to them on a yearly basis. The US Energy Star and the German Blue Angel have been awarded to them for their green efforts. While this is impressive and certainly honorable, the fact remains that even their reused cartridges are very expensive. It is possible, however, for the printer owner to refill the cartridges only using compatible ink refill kits for Lexmark printers. A refill kit usually contains a bottle of the compatible ink, syringe, gloves, needle and pin-head.

Compatible refill kits are readily available online. A quick internet search will reveal hundreds of choices for the purchase of a refill kit. Depending on the size of the kit, the price can range from under $20 to as much as $60 for a larger bottle of ink. The refill process is time consuming and messy so printer owner should wear the gloves that are included in the kit. The directions should be followed exactly as they are written. Once the cartridge has been refilled it should operate as well as it did before. Also, once the printer owner refills the cartridge he/she will notice that it will print more pages. Lexmark does not fill the cartridges to the top during the manufacturing process.

Many reputable companies also carry the refill packages in their retail stores. Some stores offer to refill the cartridges for the printer owner. Since the refill process is tedious this service may be worth the nominal charge. Sometimes the printer will not recognize the refilled cartridges as full, however, in most cases it will continue to print even if the replace cartridge light is lit.

Printers are an important part of any office whether it is located at home or in a large corporate building. Lexmark printers are recognized as some of the best on the market. The expensive ink cartridges should not deter anyone from buying these high quality yet reasonably priced printers. Compatible ink refills makes perfect financial sense and your cartridges will last for a long time without the need to buy replacements.

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