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How To Control Ink Usage In An Office With Shared Printers


With the wrong approach a manager can come across as a villain when trying to control ink usage in an office with shared printers, however, with a little creativity and a different approach controlling ink usage this difficult task can be accomplished with a positive spin. Employee moral can be encouraged while ink costs are controlled by framing responsible printing in an environmental light. This can result in a decrease in ink usage while improving the image of your company among your employees and your clients. Emphasize the avoidance of unnecessary printing, the use of email when possible, paper recycling, and using printer ink refills instead of replacements to reduce the impact on the environment. This allows a positive impact on your community, and your bottom line.

Emphasizing environmentalism to discourage unnecessary printing gives your employees a positive motivation to control their ink usage. They will take that pause before hitting the print button to consider if it really is necessary to print. A simple education about the effects of paper, and ink, on the environment makes employees more mindful, and more likely to conserve. This mindset leads to a positive change in both ink usage and moral. Conservation becomes a positive and self-motivated change instead of an external, resented intrusion from the "money grubbers" at the top.

Ink conservation can also be achieved, with environmental and cost-controlling benefits, through the increased use of email and electronic communication. It is important to take a look at all printed material that your office produces and determine what can be communicated electronically. Often traditions can be changed to accommodate more efficient and timely communication. Memos, letters, and even sales fliers can be sent using email. Presentations can be given using PowerPoint instead of costly print outs. Careful analysis of your company's ink usage can lead to significant savings in ink usage as well as an increase in productivity and responsibility.

Ink costs and usage can also be decreased by emphasizing recycling and the environmentally sound practice of using printer ink refills instead of replacements. Paper recycling is not only good for the environment, but provides a visual to employees of paper and ink usage. Simply seeing the impact of a days, or a weeks, work can have a sobering effect on employee behavior. When you instill a responsibility for conservation employees will make an internal decision to reduce waste. Printer ink refills also reinforce this environmental responsibility, while decreasing your costs in the process.

With an emphasis on environmentalism you can encourage employees to develop an internal motivation for controlling ink usage in an office with shared printers, while doing something positive for society as a whole in the process.

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