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How To Choose A Photo Printer Online


Most computer users know that they can save a tremendous amount of money by buying printer ink online and by looking into options like remanufactured printer ink and refill cartridges. Buying photo printers and other high-quality print devices online is another great way to save money, but buyers should exercise caution when purchasing these devices to ensure great photo prints.

There are two basic types of photo printers. Inkjet printers are better for buyers who need a multipurpose printer. They can create high-quality photo prints, but they can also handle document printing and other jobs fairly easily. Multifunction printers are typically inexpensive, even when they provide excellent quality prints. Dye sublimation printers offer better quality for photo prints, but they will not competently print other types of documents. They are specifically designed to provide smooth, lifelike reproductions, but the technology behind dye sublimation printers means higher print costs and limited print loads. Many dye sublimation printers have smaller trays and may only print postcard-sized photographs. This means a smaller overall printer size and better portability, which can be great for traveling photographers. Buyers looking for professional-quality photos should consider dye sublimation printers, but they are an expensive investment for buyers that do not need the best possible quality.

Printers will list their quality as a dots-per-inch resolution (dpi). Buyers should note that resolution numbers do not correlate from one printer type to the next. For instance, a dye sublimation printer with a few hundred dpi will often outperform an inkjet printer that offers 4800 dpi. Because of this, buyers should decide on a printer type before considering resolutions. However, all printer manufacturers use the same standards when stating their printers' resolutions, so buyers should easily be able to compare different printers when shopping online by looking at these numbers.

While printer quality is by far the most important factor to consider when choosing a photo printer, there are a few other important features to keep in mind. Ink usage will directly affect the printer's long term costs, so buyers should look into average ink costs before buying. Once again, buying printer ink online or using remanufactured printer ink cartridges are great ways of cutting down on ink costs. Some photo printers also have features like PictBridge, which makes it easy to print directly from a camera. Other high-end features include Wi-Fi and picture editing capabilities. While these features are great for certain users, resolution and print quality are the most important factors to consider when choosing a photo printer. Buyers who compare printer prices online can often save some serious money while getting great quality prints and excellent next-generation features.

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