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How To Change The Ink Cartridge In Your Printer


Learning how to change the printing cartridges in printers is an important skill for anyone who relies on and uses their printer regularly. Printer ink and toner are the most important parts of a printer, and while printers themselves are often given away with computers or are sold at very modest prices, ink and cartridges are prized materials that keep many printer manufacturers in business. Understanding how to use ink and ink cartridges properly will help printer owners keep their printers running efficiently and their printed documents looking good.

The first thing to understand about printing cartridges is that there are many different types. Likewise, there are many different types and designs of printers. This means that changing an ink cartridge differs according to the model of printer and cartridge. This is why it is very important to only use a cartridge that is supposed to be used in your type of printer. The printer manufacturer can let you know what type of cartridge a certain printer model needs. Cartridge re-manufacturing companies can also teach you which cartridges can be used with your particular type of printer.

To remove the cartridge, turn the printer on. When the printer light indicates that the printer is on, open the printer cover. Instead of raising the lid on your printer, there may be a button that automatically rejects the cartridge. Once inside the printer, you will need to open the cartridge from its cover. A cartridge is usually in a black box, and inside this cartridge there are a number of different cartridges for each color that the cartridge uses. The number of cartridges will differ depending on the cartridge model, but there are typically four in the average color ink cartridge. Take each cartridge out of the black cartridge box.

When the cartridge is empty, it is often a good idea to clean up any residual ink inside it to avoid ink clogging. It is also important to make sure that ink does not make contact with your skin. If it does, be sure to wash it off straight away. When the cartridge is clean, replace the empty cartridges with new cartridges, making sure that they are put in the same way that the old cartridges were positioned. Once securely replaced, press the cartridge holder lid closed. Your printer should now be printing like new.

Learning how to replace printing cartridges is not a hard task, and once learned a printer owner will have no problem keeping their printer ink replenished whenever needed. Every printer is slightly different, but the same process and principles can be used to change the cartridges on almost all types of printers.

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