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How To Avoid Scams When Looking For Ink Cartridges Online


When consumers are shopping online for ink cartridges, they should beware of scams. Before purchasing, consumers should conduct research of online ink cartridges retailers. While shopping online for high-quality ink cartridges, or for discount printer ink refill cartridges, consumers should be cautious of scam retailers. Scam retailers include retailers that do not exist, and retailers that sell imitation ink cartridges. To have a satisfactory online shopping experience, consumers can conduct simple research and carefully inspect retailer Web sites.

After finding the right price online for ink cartridges, consumers should conduct a simple internet search using the retailer's name. If within the first 30 search results there are questions of the retailer's legitimacy, then the retailer should be avoided. With those same search results, consumers may also quickly scan for reviews featured on major, legitimate review Web sites. If consumers finds positive, detailed reviews on more than one of those Web sites, then consumers can be assured that the retailer exists and is reliable.

If consumers are looking for high quality ink cartridges and find reviews questioning the quality of the ink cartridges distributed by the retailer, then consumers should beware. The same is true if consumers want to purchase discount printer ink refill cartridges. Although retailers offering such would generally not hide the fact of what they offer, consumers should still research these retailers for existence and quality. Consumers should not settle for printer ink refill cartridges that are poorly manufactured.

Consumers can also research the legitimacy of an online ink cartridge retailer by looking up the retailer's Web site registration information. Typically Web site registration information includes the date of registry and the expiration of registry. If the retailer's Web site was registered a week ago, consumers would be wise to avoid the retailer.

Another checkpoint of the reliability of an online ink cartridge retailer is if retailer has a reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), or with the Office of the State Attorney General. An online retailer featuring the BBB logo on its Web site that links to the BBB's review of the retailer can generally be trusted. If a BBB logo cannot be found on the retailer's Web site, then consumers can contact the BBB directly. If the BBB has no information on the retailer, then consumers may also contact the Office of the Attorney General in the state in which the retailer is allegedly located.

Consumers looking for a good deal on printer ink cartridges are wise by shopping around online and comparing prices. And as they are careful to avoid scams, they should find themselves satisfied with a reliable online retailer offering quality and a reasonable price.

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