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How To Avoid A Printer Ink Spill


Printers and printer problems go hand in hand. Printer ink spills are one such problem. Changing or re-filling a printer ink cartridge can lead to ink spills. Of the many printer problems, a printer ink spill is probably the most common and most frustrating. Here are some ways to avoid a printer ink spill.

The first step is to make sure that you are using the correct ink cartridge for your printer. Since printer ink cartridges are expensive, you might be tempted to buy a cheaper one. But cheap printer cartridges can lead to constant printer problems, the printer ink spill among them. If you choose not to spend your money on an original ink cartridge, you could opt for a recycled cartridge that has been tested and approved for use in your printer. While cheap printer ink cartridges can save you money, they can lead to a lot of issues, including spilling.

A printer ink spill mostly happens when you re-fill ink, so it is extremely important to follow the procedure as mentioned in the printer's instruction manual. To protect your hands from getting dirty, you could wear gloves. To protect carpets and the area surrounding the printer, you could spread newspaper around the printer. Cleaning up after a printer ink spill can be an excruciating experience, so it is important that you protect yourself and the surrounding area before working with printer ink cartridges.

Sometimes, especially if your printer has not been used for a while, the tube from which the printer ink is released can become dry and get blocked. This can cause printer ink spills. The best way to avoid such a scenario is to use your printer as often as you can.

Printing in color is also a way to make sure that your ink cartridges are working correctly. When you print in color, all the cartridges are used and tested at one go. If you notice any problems with the print, it might be a good idea to change the cartridge immediately.

When removing a new cartridge from its packaging, make sure that you don't shake it. Also, ensure that you don't leave an ink cartridge on its side or upside down, as these actions can cause the ink cartridge to leak. Also, avoid touching the ink supply port or the surrounding area on the ink cartridge.

Used printer ink cartridges must be stored carefully. You could store them in a closed container like a zipper sealed bag or a plastic bag.

Printer ink spills can be avoided by handling cartridges carefully. After all, even those people who don't mind getting their hands dirty wouldn't really want to get their clothes dirty.

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