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How To Access Wholesale Prices Online For Printer Ink


The world has not yet gone paperless, so you still need to use your ink jet printer. If you use it a lot, especially for projects like term papers, eventually you will search online for printer ink cartridges cheaper than brand name manufacturer replacements. That's when you look for inkjet cartridges at wholesale prices. So you start looking for cheaper replacements online, either brand names or knockoffs. Your key words might include "cheap," "discount," or "wholesale prices." You can usually find cheaper cartridges in the form of refills, and you can definitely find discounted knockoffs. But can you really find printer ink cartridges at wholesale prices?

Yes, you can. But the word "wholesale" does not determine whether or not the cartridge you seek carries a brand name or not. Moreover, beware of the word "wholesale." Often times it is used as an advertising ploy to get you to search the site. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to know if "wholesale prices" actually mean wholesale prices. The word "wholesale" is so over-used in our culture that most consumers are already skeptical even before they look at the products. But they check anyway because of the chance of finding a bargain.

Awareness is the key to saving time. There will be many sites to choose from. Unfortunately, there is no way to know which site is really selling at wholesale prices except by comparison shopping. So you must search the sites. In the interest of saving time, search your exact cartridge and see what your search turns up.

If your search turns up the same price that other online retail outlets charge, you know it is not really a wholesale site. An actual wholesale site will not have a retail margin. In other words, the company is buying from manufacturers in huge quantities at low prices and selling to consumers who buy in larger-than-usual quantities to justify giving them wholesale pricing. While there will be a difference in pricing from cartridge to cartridge because of what each one costs to manufacture, all pricing should be lower on all merchandise across the board on a wholesale site over a retail site.

Another thing to watch out for is extra-high shipping charges. Some sites will give you the discount on the purchase and get it back on the shipping. This is akin to "the bold print gives and the small print takes away."

Depending on your state, you may or not have to pay sales tax. Nevertheless, the items must be shipped. A wholesale site may offer you free shipping if you purchase over a certain dollar amount, much the same as many retail sites.

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