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How To Access Bulk Purchase Discounts For Printer Ink Cartridges


Printer ink cartridges only account for a small portion of the price people pay when purchasing inks. In fact, the real burden is the ink itself, which is why so many shy away from brand names. There are a number of suitable alternatives. Many can be accessed in bulk which makes it much cheaper for consumers to afford their printing needs. To access bulk prices, buyers need to find reliable suppliers who offer good quality products. Finding bulk suppliers is fairly easy. Many of them allow consumers to order online and also cater to those who would prefer to use an environmentally friendly cartridge.

Why Buy Bulk

Cost-efficiency and eco-friendly account for the two highest reasons individuals turn to bulk ink. This printing solution is far cheaper than brand names, yet many are manufactured to meet the standards of top ink manufacturers. Consumers can also choose to buy from environmentally friendly cartridge manufacturers if they prefer, since bulk ink is made to be used with most authentic, re-manufactured and compatible printer ink cartridges. Additionally, many of the suppliers sell eco-friendly cartridges themselves.

How to Access Bulk Rates

There are two main ways to access bulk rates. Consumers can opt to buy in large quantities, or they can buy from suppliers who buy bulk and then pass the savings on to them. In both cases, buyers pay less because they are either getting the full wholesale price or a portion of it.

Unless they print often or resell ink, individuals may find option number one unnecessary; however, this depends on the supplier. Bulk in some cases means a refill kit that is larger than the usual size, or it can mean buying multiple kits. It can also mean buying large quantities of each color. Individual needs will determine how suitable each option is; however, the second option will match the need of most domestic customers.

There are two types of retail distributors: those who buy large amounts for resale and those who buy in smaller quantities to do the same. In most cases, a distributor that purchases small stocks will pay more, possibly have more overhead costs and will, therefore, charge more to offset these expenses. As a general rule, the distributors who buy in bulk will pay much less.

Some of these distributors then set their prices based on their savings, but not all will do this. Those who do price their products based on the low prices they pay will charge the customer less. These are the types of distributors consumers need to look for. A price comparison is the only way for individuals to know if they are truly getting a bargain, since there is a distinct difference.

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