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How The Right Type Of Printer Ink Can Service Refurbished Printers


Whether you work from home or for a large company, you may need to find creative ways to save money. Using refurbished printers instead of buying a new printer has a number of benefits, but in order to keep your savings going, you will want to make sure you are using the right printer ink for your refurbished printer.

Buying a refurbished printer means someone else has taken that initial hit on price. Just like a car that loses value once it leaves the dealership, the new printer costs a lot more to the initial customer. When the printer is brought back to the store, the problem is fixed and then the refurbished printer is sold to you for a significant discount. Sticking with the ink cartridge recommend for your printer is often the easiest and best choice. You automatically know that the printer ink will work with your printer. So there is no time wasted researching which type of printer ink to buy.

Some people will try to save more money by using refurbished ink cartridges. This can be cost effective, especially on draft copies. On professional documents that are being viewed by other people, you may want to use the manufacturer recommended printer ink. The refurbished printer ink may leave streaks on your copies. That should not happen with the brand printer ink. However, the first thing you want to look at is the warranty on your refurbished printer. Sometimes the warranty states that the printer must use a specific brand of ink, or it may indicate that refurbished printer cartridges will void your limited printer warranty.

If it will not affect the warranty, then a refurbished cartridge may be a good choice. Refurbished ink cartridges generally work better with laser printers than with ink jet printers. With ink jet printers, the refurbished printer cartridges can jam the printer heads. Refurbished printer cartridges also run out quickly. Look for a high yield or high capacity ink cartridge. Often you can refill a refurbished ink cartridge using a refilling kit but be careful. When refilling ink cartridges, ink could get on your desk, the floor or your clothes.

In the end, if you buy the manufacturer recommended brand of printer ink for your refurbished printer, you may spend a little more, but the time and clothes you save may make it worthwhile. Buying the right printer ink - the one you know will work best in your refurbished printer, will not leave streaks on your documents, gum up your printer, or get ink on everything while refilling - will end up being the best deal for your budget and extend the life of your refurbished printer.

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