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How The Right Ink Can Help The Environment


Technology can sometimes be a double edged sword, simultaneously advancing humanity's progress but at times also destroying the environment of the world around him. Fortunately, it does not actually always have to be like that, and technology is fast being used to protect the environment as well as serving humanity. Printer ink is one of the best examples of this new way of thinking. Millions of dollars worth of printer ink cartridges are thrown away every year, all contributing to the pollution of the environment. This can be stopped, however, by the simple method of simply using printer ink refills or otherwise recycling printer ink cartridges.

More and more companies, especially on the internet, are becoming specialists in recycling ink cartridges, providing the consumer with a fresh batch of ink for their printers while reusing the same cartridge time after time, rather than throwing it away and continuing to clog up the world around us with more and more pollution. Because printer ink cartridges are not biodegradable, this means that when the empty printer ink cartridges go to landfill, they were stay that way - without decaying - for years and years and years. Because the chemicals involved in creating printer ink can remain in the cartridges, they can seep into the environment around them and these chemicals can be extremely harmful to nature, seeping into soil and even finding their way into our water and possibly even our food (as in fish). This is not the only problem, either, since even just the manufacture of cartridges is using up our finite natural resources. Thus the push has begun in earnest to begin recycling ink cartridges. As well as handing in old printer ink cartridges to be recycled, you can even buy what is known as "remanufactured" cartridges, which are 'new' products already directly reusing the old. Of course, some printers already come with printer ink cartridges that can already be reused via simple printer ink refills.

The consumer can do their bit for this process by submitting their used cartridges for recycling, using printer ink refill services, or purchasing already remanufactured cartridges that are available for sale.

As well as helping to save the planet, this recycling also benefits the consumer directly by bringing down the prices of the next printer ink cartridge that they will purchase.

At the moment, around thirty percent of all printed ink cartridges are recycled or remanufactured. While a big improvement on the past, obviously there is still a long way to go before everything that can be done is being done to ensure that pollution caused by printer ink cartridges is reduced to its bare minimum.

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