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How Some Companies Are Making Cheap Printer Ink


Many printing companies are now able to reduce on their cost of production because they are using new printer technology that allows them to make use of cheap printer ink. Nowadays high quality ink for printing can be produced very inexpensively from soybean oil. At the same time, ink cartridges can be re-manufactured and this leads to a reduction of up to 50% from the original price.

As you may already know, soy is a very common ingredient that you can easily find on the market. It is all natural and environment friendly. Soy-based, cheap printer ink is just like the petroleum-based ink since it is also available in various beautiful colors. As a matter of fact, colors produced from soybean oil are much brighter, and this means pigmentation is not needed in a great deal. This reduces the cost of producing the cartridges and this ensures a cheaper consumer price.

Soy-based ink doesn't dry out as quickly as the petroleum-based ink. Additionally, paper recycling becomes easier with the new printer technology. This is due to the fact that the ink is easily removable from the paper.

Soy has been used in the making of printing ink since 1970s. At that time there was a concern about the expensive cost of ink production which led to the discovery of soybean oil. It was later found that soybean oil is actually the best ingredient; yet it is so cheap and easily available.

The making of cheap soy ink is due to its simple processing method. It involves the process of blending the soybean oil with crucial ingredients including pigment, wax and resin.

This new printer technology is practical in most printing jobs. However, this technology is mainly developed to suit commercial and not personal printers. It means consumers still need to buy the expensive, petroleum-based ink cartridges if they want to perform small-scaled printing tasks at home. When bulk printing is needed, most of the times consumers will send it to a printing shop to get it done, so basically a lot of savings can still be put aside.

Some companies sell re-manufactured ink cartridges. All the cartridges come from various manufacturers. They are already empty but still in good condition. The processing company fills up new ink into the cartridges after cleaning them. Then, thorough quality testing is done to detect faults. These cartridges are distributed to retail suppliers with half or less than the original price. They come without brand names, but this is rather unimportant since their quality is maintained at all times.

In conclusion, commercial cheap printer ink is now available in abundant. This means every printing shop can afford to buy them.

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