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How Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges Can Save Money


Anyone who prints things out from an inkjet printer on a regular basis is familiar with how quickly the price of inkjet cartridges can drain one's wallet. It's not unusual for consumers to giddily take home a new $50 printer only to find themselves spending just as much, or more, at their local office supply store a month later in order to replace their inkjet cartridges so they can continue to use their printer. Many consumers have gotten past paying too much by taking advantage of remanufactured printer ink.

Original manufacturers of printers and inkjet cartridges often take a loss when selling a printer and many attempt to make up for that loss by raising the price of the compatible inkjet cartridges. Many consumers fight high ink prices by using remanufactured printer ink, but original manufacturers often warn against the practice by stating that the printer warranty may be voided by the use of remanufactured printer ink cartridges. However, chances are that warranty is likely only valid for a limited time anyway. Many consumers will play along and buy their first replacement cartridges from the manufacturer but get subsequent inkjet cartridges made with remanufactured printer ink.

While original manufacturers are certainly experts when it comes to inkjet cartridges, it doesn't mean that they are the only ones who are capable of constructing quality printer ink. While refilling a cartridge can be a risky move for consumers, especially if they don't have the right knowledge, buying remanufactured printer ink is a good alternative that can save a lot of money. Most remanufactured inkjet cartridges cost around 30 percent less than the original manufacturer's model.

With many recent printer models, some original manufacturers are making it harder for consumers to use remanufactured printer ink. Some put a chip in the printers that is exclusively compatible with their cartridges. When it comes to these models, finding remanufactured printer ink can be a challenge. That's one reason why proper research before buying a printer is important.

While sales are tempting, it's a good idea to write down the model number of the printer under consideration and research the cost of replacement cartridges as well as the availability of remanufactured printer ink. If there is an availability concern, a consumer may want to buy the printer but do his homework before taking it out of the box so the printer can be returned if necessary. Printer manufacturers can be clever but so can consumers, and many are refusing to pay elevated prices for inkjet cartridges. By finding remanufactured ink made by those with a good business reputation they are able to save money on printer ink.

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