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How Printer Owners Can Save Money By Avoiding Color Documents


Printer ownership has become quite expensive for many people. Businesses that print a lot have noticed that the cost to own and operate a printer is more expensive now than it used to be. Even individuals who own printers but do not print as often have seen the price hike. But the bulk of the increase in cost can be attributed to the printer ink and not the printer itself. The reason is that ink cartridges are used often and either they are depleted of ink, clog up, or become dry and thus need to be replaced. Manufacturers have noticed this factor and have subsequently increased printer ink cartridge costs. Printer owners can still save money by learning about the differences between expensive ink cartridges and cheap alternatives and by avoiding color documents. Black printer ink may not be the most expensive, but it is the most used ink.

Expensive ink cartridges are usually the brand ink cartridges bought directly from the manufacturer. Since color is more difficult to make and is usually reserved for high quality print jobs, it is also the most expensive type of cartridge to purchase. However, black printer ink is the cartridge most often purchased. One way to save money is to first look at the types of cartridges being bought. Choosing a printer ink alternative such as generic ink, which is similar in printer quality as their brand counterpart, or printer ink refill kits can save a user a lot of money.

Another way to save money on printer ink is by cutting down the amount of color printing being done. Black printer ink is used in just about every print job, which means it runs out quicker than other printer ink. However, black printer cartridges are much more affordable than color cartridges, which means they are more cost effective. On the other hand, color cartridges are quite expensive and therefore the lease cost effective option. Therefore, unless a print job absolutely must be printed in color, that option should not be chosen. To do this, an individual must go into their print options and select gray scale or black and white as their printing preference. This way, whatever document is printed will come out only in black and white and not contain any color.

Individuals can save a lot of money by being selective as to which documents get printed in color. Unless absolutely necessary, color should be avoided at all times. However, documents do not instinctively get printed in black and white, so this option must typically be selected manually. There are plenty of documents that contain color that individuals miss, so performing this manual change is always necessary.

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