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How Printer Maintenance Saves Printer Ink And Protects Printer Components


Keeping up with your printer maintenance not only helps it to last longer, it also helps you to receive all the benefit from your ink cartridges. Printer ink isn't cheap, and it can become costly to buy repeatedly only after a few prints. Full color print jobs typically can eat up ink, and wear on your printer. But proper printer maintenance can prevent much of the associated printer problems.

The first step in printer maintenance is to clean it. When cleaning your printer, first remove it from your PC and wall outlet. Next place it upon a newspaper spread or an old towel. Printer ink is very messy and tends to get everywhere, and remain there. This also means your skin and clothing. Wear old clothing or place an old cloth over your clothing so it won't get messy. Latex gloves aren't necessary, but it will protect your hands from ink stains. A lint free cleaning cloth, a can of compressed air, cotton balls, and Isopropyl alcohol are the tools you need to begin.

Open the printer and remove the ink cartridges. Use the cloth to clean up any dry or spattered ink across the printer's internal compartment. This area is where the paper passes beneath the ink nozzles. If you've ever seen drags of ink on your paper, this area is probably very dirty. Carefully clean here to rid of most of the ink. Next, use the cotton balls swabbed in alcohol to clean up any clogged ink. Some ink may be dry and hardened to small bits. This is what the alcohol is for. It will loosen those small, hard clumps and make it easier for your paper and ink to flow better.

With another alcohol dipped cotton ball, wipe up the ink cartridge holders. These areas can sometimes be filled with ink, especially if you do large, full color print jobs. Dry the area with the lint free cloth. With the lint free cloth, carefully clean the printer nozzles. Dry ink on the nozzles can clog good ink that lay inside the cartridges. Wipe any excess or dry ink on the cartridges themselves. Ink on the cartridges can cause smudges or drip onto print jobs.

Once every inside component of the printer is cleaned, allow it to dry. Or, you can choose to dry it with a lint free cloth. Take the compressed air and spray inside the printer to free it from any other dust, small paper tears and debris. Do maintenance to your printer at least once a month. Keeping your printer maintained will save you printer ink and the life of your printer.

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