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How Printer Ink Clogs Can Damage Printer Parts Over Time


Printer ink clogs are the most chronic of all the problems related to printers. Printer ink clogging can damage vital printer parts. Ink clog heads are very common and any delay in dealing with this issue results in a series of expensive repairs. Most clogging appears due to dirty printer nozzles. Hard-to-read and blotchy prints are not necessarily because of used ink cartridges, printer head clogs often produce the same results, thereby confusing the users.

There are several reasons for the printer ink clogs, and untimely usage of printers is the most common of all. Often the print head gets clogged when the printer is used after an extended idle period. In such cases the old ink settles down in layers and dries, thereby clogging the heads. The print head gets clogged after the old ink is pressed through it. This can cause a lot of damage in terms of both print quality and the cartridge. Users usually consider the cartridge to be used after the clogging, thereby wasting the printer ink left in it.

Using an ink type other than the one specified for the printer often leads to a chain of clogs in the long run. A cartridge that contains the printer head may burst due to internal compression created by the dry ink, causing irreparable damage to the printer parts.

Digital and high-end printers face a different type of vulnerability to printer ink clogs. Such printers work off of levels of printer ink. Clogs confuse the print commands given by the users and the print requests directed by the machines. This leads to inefficiency and produces undesirable prints with blotchy quality. Nozzle clogging causes the printers to erode over time and after a prolonged period of clogging, printers might stop working. Hence one should take special care regarding cleaning the clogs as it can secure the investment and save time. Digital and high-end printers are even more vulnerable to cartridge explosion than the normal printers.

Vulnerability is also to the offices where the prints are taken out constantly and frequently. Often in places like these, printer ink is purchased in bulk, and there is a tendency to purchase affordable ink, but people ignore the ink type. Due to excessive use of printers with the unspecified ink type, clogging creates a series of problems. Problems may include the minor issues of ink wastage or the issues related to printer ICs and interrupts. Interrupts are the inbuilt system commands that control the hardware part of the printer. Clogs affect their functioning causing irremediable damage. Hence one must conduct regular checks for the printer ink clogs to safeguard the investment in printers.

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