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How Printer Companies Figure Out The Yield Of Ink Cartridges


Printer companies who manufacture ink cartridges developed systems that would aid in detecting the yield of ink cartridges through a series of tests. Printer companies used different methods for testing the yield of ink cartridges. The methods used were not helping the consumer understand the ink cartridge yield, therefore, ISO simplified it for the consumer. The ISO, International Standardization Organization, (ISO/IEC 24711) created standards for the industry leaders to follow. These standards include testing the yield of the ink cartridge to be conducted with at least three printers and minimum of three cartridges of each model.

The amount of ink that is supplied in the cartridge yields a number of pages depending on the manufacture and the ink color. For example, the Epson 69 ink cartridge provides 245 pages in black ink and 350 pages in color ink. The results of these tests determine pricing, which one can say that it depends on the price of supply of ink used in the manufacturing process. Each manufacturer has their own strategy for figuring the yield of ink cartridges, thus The ISO standards were needed. The ISO standards are set for color ink cartridges and black cartridges separately.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed a standard (ISO/IEC 24711 and 24712) for the ink cartridge yield. The ISO made it known to the industry leaders to adapt the new standard. The companies are updating their standards to reflect the new industry standards, therefore the worldwide ISO standard to measure ink cartridge yield will aid customers more objectively in print cartridge yield.

This new ISO standard for testing ink cartridge yield provides clarity in defining the key features that affect the ink cartridge yield and applies a statistical analysis; therefore, all printer manufacturers can use the same methods in measuring the yield. The testing method is performed in restrained temperature in normal settings on plain paper with print directives from a late model PC with the Microsoft Operating System installed. This method provides a clear and accurate representation to the customers' experience by taking into account varied performance of the cartridge and the printers from the manufacturer.

Epson's response states that they provide ink yield information based on the ISO standards, reason being that it is a concise measurement of cartridge performance. There are industry leaders who do not provide the volume of ink in certain measurements because this information does not aid the consumers' in determining the cartridge performance. Different printers utilize ink at different rates. It depends on the factors that affect the printer, which include breakdown of the printer's internal components and ink cartridge varied performance.

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