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How Print Efficiency Can Affect Ink Cartridge Use


Print efficiency is an important factor for modern printers. Efficient printers get more out of their inkjet cartridges, and often have extremely low overall print costs when printer owners use remanufactured printer ink and other low-cost alternatives to name brand cartridges. Unfortunately, most printers are not extremely efficient and may use ink blends that dry out quickly, wasting ink and occasionally damaging important printer components like print heads. In order to avoid waste, printer buyers should understand the importance of efficiency and try to find inkjet cartridges that make the most out of each bit of ink.

Extremely efficient printers avoid wasting ink by keeping ink in an airtight reservoir. The printers force ink through print heads when printing, but some of the ink lubricates the print heads and never actually makes it onto the paper. This ink is not wasted, since it is essential to good printer functionality, but it can reduce the number of pages that a printer can handle with a single ink cartridge. To keep printers working as efficiently as possible, many printer manufacturers use special ink ingredients that allow the print heads to stay lubricated for longer. Manufacturers also reduce the path from the ink reservoir to the print heads.

Remanufactured printer ink cartridges are often particularly efficient. Contrary to popular belief, remanufactured cartridges are neither illegal nor more likely to cause print problems than name brand cartridges are. To remanufacture a cartridge, companies drain each cartridge completely, clean it, fill it using special vacuum injection techniques and test it. This results in an extremely efficient cartridge. Many remanufactured printer ink cartridges are actually of a higher overall quality than name brand cartridges because they are held to an extremely high standard. Consumers can also save a tremendous amount of money on remanufactured inkjet cartridges since the companies that perform the remanufacturing process have lower overall costs than major printer companies. They do not have to pay for extra plastic, and can pass the savings on to consumers.

To get efficient cartridges, buyers should look for an efficient printer. Most printers list their page-per-cartridge rates directly on their packages or in their instruction manuals. When this information isn't easily available, consumers can check printer ink sales websites. It is important to buy an efficient printer, since even an efficient cartridge cannot overcome problems with a printer's overall design that cause ink waste. Printer owners should also look for remanufactured printer ink and use tested remanufactured cartridges from a reliable source whenever possible, regardless of printer type or brand. With the right ink cartridges and good ink consumption habits, any printer owner can greatly extend cartridge life and save money.

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