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How Nozzle Cleaning Can Save Printer Ink Levels


If you use a printer and would like to start making fewer trips to buy printer ink, there are practical steps you can take to let the ink currently in your cartridges last longer and minimize waste. What you as a consumer may not realize is that excess ink from a previous print job can dry up, clogging the nozzles and requiring the printer to do more work to complete jobs. As soon as you find that a print lacks the clarity you would like, it may be tempting to use any automatic cleaning function your printer has, but this will also waste ink, and you should have it disabled; it uses a forceful method to unclog your cartridges and remoisten the nozzles. Because automatic nozzle cleaning takes place from inside your printer, it may also pose a risk of damaging your printer.

You can manually clean your cartridges' nozzles by using a soft, lint-free material and a few drops of either rubbing alcohol or uncontaminated water. Fresh cleaning material should be used for each cartridge. It is recommended that you look at a diagram to know where to clean and which areas of the cartridges you should not touch. Clean wherever you see debris or buildup until it is gone, then rest the cartridges on a paper towel or sheet for a few minutes to dry before reinserting.

Even if you are not required to regularly use a printer at work and you simply use it at home, it is a good idea to always leave it on and give it small tasks such as printing a test page on days when you otherwise do not need it. This reduces the chance that clogs will ever form on your cartridges' nozzles, and cleaning them can be used as an occasional preventative measure or if you choose to save even more ink. But in case you also want to save paper and would rather not do the tedious work of checking the condition of your cartridges every day, printers also have pieces of moist foam rubber over which the cartridges are parked when not in use so their ink stays moist. You may find it helpful to occasionally check the condition of this rubber.

You should not settle for anything less than to save as much time, money, and other resources as possible before the next time you need to buy printer ink. Taking steps now to correct or prevent problems with your cartridges' nozzle cleaning will prove to be beneficial in either a short or a long term period. For more tips, you may want to contact your printer's manufacturer with questions or comments.

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