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How New Printers Use Fewer Ink Cartridges Annually


Cheap ink cartridges are what everyone's after these days. The newer printers, that is, anything created since 2007, have gotten smarter about how they've designed the cartridges because they're larger than previous versions. New printer technology means is that the ink cartridges have gotten larger but they're still using the same amount of ink.

All of the printing costs come down to whether it's laser or inkjet, what brand the printer is and what's being printed. Printing in certain fonts can actually use less ink, so those who have learned what fonts to use can stretch out the cost of their ink cartridge even more. Those who are printing other things may still be struggling with ink conservation.

New printers like to try to impress everyone by advertising statistics as far as what the cartridges are capable of. In most cases with an inkjet printer, a black cartridge will yield somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 pages. This is a lot of pages and it can cut down on the overall cartridges used over the course of the year. But will it save money? Not really.

Some manufacturers have gotten smart about not only reducing the number of cartridges but reducing the cost, too. The way they accomplish this is not by producing a lower quality product. In fact, they use the same exact products as everyone else. The only difference is that they use an environmentally friendly cartridge. This eco-friendly ink cartridge is one that's already been used. It's been recycled, drastically cutting the costs down.

Therefore the only real cost is the cost of ink, which is relatively inexpensive. Cheap ink cartridges are gaining in popularity. Plus, they are the same size as the ones that are being installed in all of the new printers, so even the number of times they need to be refilled over the course of the year is being reduced.

The average cost per print using a name brand ink cartridge is anywhere between $0.025 and $0.03 per print. A few years ago, that cost was probably around $0.0.4. The newer printers are using fewer ink cartridges and keeping costs down a little bit. However, remanufactured cartridges are costing even less by using a printer ink refill method that drives costs lower. Using these will result in even more affordable prints; typically at around $0.015 to $0.02 per print.

While none of the print costs sound too terribly high, it adds up over the course of thousands of prints throughout the year. New printer technology has done a good job at reducing ink and other companies have gotten better at making them more affordable too.

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