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How Long Cheap Ink Cartridges Will Last In An Office


Cheap ink doesn't mean that it's a substandard quality; it just means that it's less expensive than some of the name brand versions that are out on the market. More offices are choosing remanufactured printer ink as opposed to spending several dollars more on the expensive versions because they last just as long as the other ones do.

The cheap ink cartridges have gotten a bad reputation over the years for producing fewer prints. In reality, they will last just as long as the other cartridges do. What makes them work the same is that they contain the same amount of ink. Many times they use the same kind of ink as well. The only thing that's different is that the expensive versions use a new cartridge while the other ones use a recycled cartridge.

The reason that the remanufactured printer ink has gotten the reputation it has is because the larger, more expensive brands don't want office buildings buying the recycled, less expensive versions. The reason that all these printer companies are successful is not because of the sale of their printers. It's the sale of their ink cartridges over and over again that keeps them in the business.

There's absolutely no reason to avoid remanufactured printer ink cartridges. They are the exact same product, only cheaper. They use a recycled cartridge and fresh ink injected inside. They've been quality tested over and over again to ensure that they won't leak or damage the printer in any way, shape or form.

It is therefore a completely safe product to use. If a name brand cartridge will produce 2,000 copies in an office, so will the cheap ink. The ink level is what determines the life of the cartridges and there is no difference in ink level. As a result, as offices look to save money in today's economy, they are getting creative as to how they get the ink that they use.

No office has to pay full price on ink. The name brand ink cartridge's high costs are as a result of producing a brand new cartridge each and every time a cartridge is purchased. The remanufactured ones have simply re-appropriated the cartridge to save the office money. The ink is the same and has the same life expectancy.

Rumors about ink cartridges being substandard have been around for years. The only true way to determine that the rumors are false is to put them to the test. The cheap ones will last just as long as the expensive ones. Once the results are recorded, offices everywhere can finally start saving money on their ink needs.

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