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How Good Printer Ink Ensures Long Printer Life


Purchasing and using good printer ink can extend the printer's life. Although there may be many different brands of ink and cheaper options available for the printer, using nonstandard ink or low quality cartridges can end up costing more in the end. Instead of saving money, it ends up decreasing the life of the printer. The longer the printer life, the less often a printer needs to be replaced, the better the value.

The long life and proper functioning of a printer depends on the smooth flow of ink. Only a good quality printer ink can ensure the longest printer life possible. The slightest impurities in the ink can lead to many types of failures and clogs in printing systems not only affecting the image quality, but the printer's reliability.

The formulation of the ink is also important. Inks are made up of mixtures of water, distilled surfactants, humectants, resins, and pigment or dyes. The quality of the ink determines how fast it disperses and how quick it evaporates. If it disperses too quickly, the image will blur. If the ink dries too slowly, it will dry in the nozzle, causing clogging. Clogged mechanisms will not only diminish the quality of the printing, but also the performance of the printer.

All brands use a slightly different formula for their ink. Changing brands will result in different formulas going through the mechanisms of the printer. These dissimilar mixtures may coagulate or clot within the printer, which may cause functionality problems. Cheaper brands of ink cartridges may not be manufactured to a suitable quality. The materials and the seals may be prone to leaks.

Using a cheaper cartridge runs the risk of a break or leak. Leaks can be difficult to clean and can damage the printer. Non-standard in cartridges may not fit as correctly or securely as a high quality ink cartridge. A poor fit may cause numerous problems including leakage, clogging and even malfunctioning of the printer. When the printer stops working, it will have to be replaced.

Using a cartridge manufactured by the same company as the printer will ensure greatest compatibility with the printer as well as assure the quality of the cartridge. The company may offer customer service assistance for any problems or defects with the cartridge. Another consideration is that using a cartridge from another company may act to invalidate a manufacturer's warranty on the printer. Purchasing and using the suggested cartridge will help ensure longer life of the printer.

Despite the greater cost per cartridge, using good printer ink will not only ensure the highest quality images, it is also the best bet for assuring the longest possible printer life.

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