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How Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges Have Assisted Businesses In A Down Economy


One thing that can really assist businesses, especially those that have to print a lot of papers, is finding printer ink cartridges cheap. In a down economy, every cent that's saved can mean the difference between a business succeeding or failing. It's easy to see how even printing expenses can really take a bite out of profits.

Once in a while, a business may get lucky and find their ink cartridges on sale at the nearest office supply chain, or maybe pick up a few at a store that may be discontinuing them. Every business needs to find a reliable place to purchase them regularly and at a discount.

Going online is often the best choice for finding printer ink cartridges cheap. There are several companies whose only commerce is providing businesses a way to buy in bulk and with good discounts. Sometimes they will even give credit if the used cartridges are returned back to them for refurbishing. A simple online search can assist businesses with finding the best company that suits their needs.

New ink cartridges are expensive, ranging anywhere from about $20 up to $100. They generally hold less than an ounce of ink, and have to be replaced often. There are many businesses that have switched to refilling ink cartridges during this down economy. However, that can only be done so many times before new cartridges have to be purchased in order to prevent problems with the printers. When that time comes, it is good to know there are printer ink cartridges cheap online. Instead of spending money on three new cartridges at $50 each, an ink refill kit runs about $12 and many refills can be had. It only makes good business sense.

Many businesses have saved even more money by turning to already refurbished generic printer ink cartridges that they refill several times before they purchase any more.

Businesses use a lot of ink daily. They have invoices and orders to print, not to mention schedules, checks, and various business records. While printer paper is still cheap to purchase, printer ink simply never has been.

Recently, there have been many businesses that have turned to economists to assist them in finding ways to cut costs. One of the first suggestions made to assist businesses is that they start refilling their ink cartridges. A cheap cartridge, purchased brand new, can cost $20 for one ounce of ink. That makes it the most expensive office supply at $320 for 16 oz. Even a bottle of water is only about $2. It's just good business sense to buy a refill kit for a fraction of that cost and only replace cartridges when necessary.

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