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Home Office Tips That Maximize Ink Cartridge Life


If you work out of a home office and you frequently use your printer, you've probably noticed how expensive printer supplies can be. Printer ink is extremely expensive, and even when you use printer ink refills to cut down on the cost of new cartridges, the costs quickly pile up. Most home offices can cut down on ink-and thereby cut the cost of printing-by altering a few computer settings and a few habits of the computer user.

As pointed out above, printer ink refills greatly cut the cost of new cartridges, and the first place to start when reducing your overall ink usage is your ink buying practices. If you're not using printer ink refills already, consider making the switch. Ink refills work just as well as brand new cartridges, require very little work, and they're extremely safe. Look online for the best deals on ink refills for your printer. Always buy several printer ink refills when making an order. You're wasting money if you just buy one at a time. Order 3 or 4 per order, and make sure to read the instructions carefully to avoid wasting ink when making the switch. Keep your ink refills stored in a cool place to prevent the ink from being damaged before you even get a chance to use it.

Next, you need to think about your printing habits, and probably make a few changes. You should make sure to print at least once a week if you're an infrequent printer to prevent print heads from clogging, and if you use your printer frequently, you should be sure to give the device time to rest and cool down during large print jobs. Always preview pages before you print them. This can help to cut down on the number of accidental prints. Use your printer's draft settings when printing letters and other documents that only need simple black-and-white. Your letter should still appear professional if you're using a good printer with decent ink, and you'll save a lot of money in the long run. Color ink costs more than black ink, so you might also want to consider switching your printer's defaults to "black and white" or "grayscale." You can always switch back when you need color in your prints.

Looking at your printing habits and your printer supplies can make a big difference for any home office, and you won't have to compromise print quality at all. Spending a few minutes to consider your printer will cut down greatly on the overall cost of your home office, and that's very important to anyone working at home.

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