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High Quality Printer Ink And Its Role In Printer Longevity


In order to keep your printer running smoothly, there is a number of important steps to take. You've got to make sure that you're not overtaxing your printer and that you're using it properly, of course, and you've got to think about occasional maintenance, particularly when dealing with an expensive office printer. However, it's also important to look at what you're putting into your printer--namely your printer ink. High quality ink is extremely important for keeping your printer working properly for a number of reasons. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying your next ink cartridge.

Ink serves a dual purpose in most modern printers. While its main function is obvious, it also provides lubrication for various parts of a printer. Printer ink is carefully formulated to serve as an effective mechanical lubricant. High quality ink has another advantage: it's less likely to bind together, creating costly printer head clogs. Head clogs waste a lot of ink, and on certain printers, they can ruin components which are necessary for dependable quality prints. Low quality printer ink can gum up a printer's components and make it work harder; in some cases, it can even lead to overheating. Regardless of how often a printer is used or what type of document it prints, it's a good idea to invest in high quality ink wherever possible.

To extend the life of your printer, look for websites that offer quality ink. Good printer ink cartridges can be generic or name brand, but they should be specially designed for the printer that you're using them with. This is because ink formulas can vary slightly from one manufacturer to the next and even from model to model. Look for an online ink retailer with a good history of customer reviews and try to find a specialist that sells a wide variety of ink cartridges. Only buy as much ink as you need and never use expired printer ink cartridges, which can contain old and defective ink. Always inspect your ink cartridges before using them and don't use cartridges that come in open containers or that have signs of physical wear.

Finally, take care of your printer along with your printer ink. Break up large print jobs to reduce the chances of overheating and run your printer at least once a week to keep ink moving through the heads and to reduce the risk of serious issues. Keeping your printer running can be very simple with the right habits and an eye towards the quality of the printer ink cartridges that you use with the device.

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