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Getting More Mileage From A New Printer Ink Cartridge


Like everything else, the cost of printer cartridge ink is going up. This is why people like to wait for sales or special deals on new printer ink products so that they can possibly stock up and their work won't be interrupted when their ink runs out. Getting more ink in bulk cartridges or as a refill kit at reduced prices is a good idea but an even better one is to learn how to reduce ink usage so that your ink will last longer and interruptions will be fewer.

If you want to print something you find online that interests you or is too much trouble to copy, then try to preview the page before you print it. This can be done by going to the upper-left corner of the screen and clicking the 'File' menu. Then drag down to 'Print Preview' and click. Within seconds, the monitor will show you the exact image that will print. Before clicking the' Print' button, adjustments can be made to cut back on the use of printer ink. The size of the image can be reduced so that it will print on fewer pages, you may need to print only one of the pages, or perhaps you could set the machine to print the text only.

Some sites have a printer icon that will print only text and not the advertisements and other images, which consume a lot of printer ink. If this is not the case, then select what is to be printed by dragging your mouse over what is to be copied and paste it into a document (.doc) or text application such as Wordpad. If you are using the latter, be prepared to make possible adjustments to margins and line spacing. Once again, if these steps are too much trouble try adjusting the ink output resolution.

This can be done either by the print job or permanently by resetting the global default. Most factory defaults are set at Normal, which gives an output of 600 dpi, or dots per inch. For the person working in an office setting where printed documents will be forwarded to others, this setting may be necessary as the documents may undergo multiple copies or stored for a period of time. Either way, the ink will fade slightly so using the Normal setting is appropriate, even if this means getting more ink more often. On the other hand, someone who telecommutes or sends documents electronically can afford to go easy on their ink usage.

A frugal person who oversees the day-to-day flow of paperwork can determine best what methods to implement to reduce the need to buy new printer ink as often.

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