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Getting More From Color Printer Ink Cartridges In An Office


Consumers can optimize their use of colored office printer ink with just a little bit of forethought. Most printer ink cartridges come in two varieties: black printer ink cartridges and tricolor cartridges with cyan, magenta and yellow inks. Typically, consumers printing from the tricolor ink cartridges will run out of one color before the others. This can lead to wasted ink if the consumer goes ahead and replaces the cartridge while there is still ink in the other two color reservoirs.

Even remanufactured color ink cartridges can add up over time. Fortunately, there are ways that office users can make their color cartridges last longer. Here are some tips.

Don't use color when black and white will do. Too often, office printer users are indiscriminate in their use of color because their printer computer settings are set to "color" and users won't take the time to reset them. Office printer users should ask themselves if the document really needs to be printed in color. If not, users should reset the computer settings to black and white. This takes a few seconds and it helps color office printer ink last longer.

Unclog color cartridges before replacing them. When a color cartridge stops printing all colors, don't assume that the cartridge needs to be replaced. Often, it's only necessary to clean printer nozzles with a lint-free cloth in order to start the ink flowing again. Printing with color cartridges once a week will also help prevent printer nozzles from drying up and clogging. The instruction manual that comes with the printer may also contain other instructions for optimizing the life of color cartridges.

Draft and preview print modes use far less ink than other print settings. Use these settings rather than the print mode to review a project that's not in its final stages.

Many printer users take the warning light that flashes on when ink is running low in one of a print cartridge's reservoirs as a sign to change that cartridge. In fact, that cartridge may be good for another hundred pages of print. Take the cartridge out, but instead of discarding it, shake it and clean its print nozzles with a lint-free cloth. Don't discard the cartridge until a visual examination of the cartridge confirms the reservoir is empty.

Buy remanufactured color printer ink cartridges in bulk. Manufacturers generally give consumers price breaks when they buy items in bulk, and color ink cartridges are no exception to that rule. Remanufactured office printer ink can be as much as 30 percent cheaper than OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ink. Office printer users will realize significant savings if they buy refurbished color cartridges in bulk.

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