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Getting More From An HP Printer Ink Cartridge


Keeping a printer supplied with enough HP printer ink can be a difficult and expensive battle. New printer technology has brought advancements to HP printers, but sometimes it doesn't seem like customers are benefiting enough. However, with a little ingenuity and smart shopping it is possible to get more out of your HP printer ink cartridge.

One of the first things you need to do in order to get more uses out of your HP printer before replacing the ink is to reset your printer default settings. You might find that these are set to "normal" or even "best". Usually having high quality print outs is not necessary. A printout in "Draft" mode usually serves a users purpose fine. High quality for printing can be reserved for a resume or an important paper or report. The default setting can be changes to printing in black and white instead of color to save even more.

Most models of HP printers require that there be at least some ink of every color in order to print anything at all, even if it is only in black. It also helps to buy HP printers where each color is purchased separately. While the initial cost is more, it will save money in the long run, eliminating the need to replace multi-color cartridges when only a small amount of the HP printer ink has been used.

Another way you can save on HP printer ink is to refill printer cartridges rather than buy new every time. There are various places that sell refill kits and many office supply stores also refill HP ink cartridges.

In some models, sensors, and not actual ink levels indicate when it is time to change an ink cartridge or toner. Sometimes, covering these sensors with a piece of tape allows user to continue printing several more pages before refilling or replacing the ink cartridge.

Users can also simply print less often. Word processing tools and programs have made many advancements that make it easier to make edits on the screen rather than a piece of paper. Investing in a graphics tablet might also help with this. By not printing as many rough drafts, less printer ink will be used. To save both ink and paper it is always good to think before you print in order to determine what is really needed.

With new printer technology being developed, the cost of ink cartridges and the overall amount of printing they are capable of printing should improve, but consumers need to stay on top of that technology and continue to think of innovative ways to get the most out of every HP printer cartridge.

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