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Getting Lower Prices On Office Printer Ink


The costs of printer ink can pile up quickly, especially for a company that does a lot of in-house printing on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are plenty of different avenues you can take to find lower prices for all of your printing.

One way you can find lower prices than the ones you would pay at office supply stores is to shop online. There is a plethora of online vendors that sell printer ink for substantially less than brick-and-mortar stores. You can even find prices as much as 80 percent lower than typical retailer prices. Many of them offer to match any lower price that you can find, so it never hurts to shop around and compare. They will also have a much wider selection because they do not have to worry about shelving all of their products. Much of the time, when you purchase printer ink from a store, there is a price markup to help them pay for their own expenses such as rent for the building. The only benefit of purchasing from a brick-and-mortar store is that you can get the printer ink immediately rather than have to wait on an order to come in. But if you monitor how much ink you have, you can put in an order before you face a dire situation in which you need ink immediately. In many cases, you can get overnight delivery for an extra fee that could still result in a lower total cost than the price from the stores.

Another option that can save you a substantial amount of money is to consider using refillable ink cartridges. Using these, you only buy tanks of ink instead of the entire cartridge when you are running low on ink. You can use a syringe to refill the cartridge and will save a lot of money since you are purchasing fewer materials. If you are new to the process of refilling, it can be a little messy at first, but it is not hard to learn how to master. After a few occasions of spilled ink, you will get the hang of it and in the long run, you will definitely save money.

Using dye-based inks as opposed to pigment-based inks will also help you save money. They are cheaper for two reasons: they are easier to use and have a sharper color output. They also work in a manner that prevents clogging of the printer head, which will avoid extra repair costs for you that you might face otherwise.

By doing a little bit of shopping, you can easily save money and get lower prices on your printer ink.

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