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Getting A Simple Printer For Home Office Use


There are a variety of options for those wanting to purchase a simple, affordable computer printer for home office use. While it may seem a little daunting at first to find the right machine for specific applications, a great deal of information can be found on the Internet. This includes cost and performance comparisons for individual makes and models. For printers using an ink cartridge, attention should be paid to the ease and cost of replacing these parts. For those with the desire to go green, an environmentally friendly cartridge for replacement purposes should also considered.

The Printer Manufacturer Ink Cartridge Gambit

For most printer manufacturers, especially those producing low priced machines, there is little or no profit in the sale of their equipment. For them, the sale of a printer is like a loss leader in a grocery store. This is when certain items are sold at cost or even at a slight loss to attract customers. This is also a way of bringing in customers that will hopefully purchase other higher profit goods.

Printer companies make their money in the sale of high mark-up ink cartridges, which are branded with their company name and sold at seemingly exorbitant costs. As a way of ensuring users will be faithful in utilizing only manufactured ink cartridges, most companies warn against using imitations. This includes refurbished cartridges and even refill kits. Computer printer manuals also warn the use of third-party replacement cartridges can damage vital printer parts and even void the warranty. For the most part, this tactic works and many people are scared into buying only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacements. This is simply out of fear of harming their machine, getting poor copies, or voiding their warranty.

It has been proven through numerous tests that third-party ink can perform just as well or better than OEM branded supplies. In most cases, third-party replacements are much cheaper to purchase. It is important, however, to ensure that the ink and the cartridge are completely compatible with the machine in which it will be used. A recycled, environmentally friendly cartridge not only saves money but also saves waste thrown in landfills.

Buying an ideal printer for the home office depends primarily on the intended use. For most applications, an ink jet printer is the best choice. It is less expensive to buy than a laser jet, and gives better quality copies than the older dot matrix technology. A number of quality printers are even available for $100 or less, including single function units as well as multi-function machines that will print, copy, fax and scan. While the choice is up to the customer, simple printers for home office use are always available.

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