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Four Common But Wasteful Printing Habits


Wasteful printing habits can add up into a significant amount of money. Recently, President Obama addressed the issue in an executive order to cut costs and save taxpayer money. One area that he addressed was wasteful printing which adds into the billions of dollars. The president encouraged government offices to use email and PDF files as much as possible. Saving money is important in these economic times. Although most people do not realize it, remanufactured printer ink can be very effective at a fraction of the cost of new printer ink. has the cheapest prices on the web, and for customer convenience, they have a page on Facebook.

Some of the things that people do in an office to waste paper and ink, as well as increase costs for office supplies, have been identified as printing banner pages, never picking up print jobs, printing and mailing items that can be emailed, print jobs that are picked up but immediately tossed in the recycle bin.

Personal printers are very expensive, and the worst part is it's almost impossible to track how much each printer is actually costing to use. Eliminating these convenient little wasters of electricity, cartridge ink and paper can save hundreds every year. A shared printer is more cost effective.

With new technology, virtual print management techniques reduce costs, paper jams, and long waits for someone else's job to print. When sent to a queue, a job will not actually print until the requester enters his or her pin number into the printer. Menu options allow a person to choose the actual queued items he or she needs and deleting those that will not be needed. Wasteful printing is eliminated.

At the end of the month each user receives an email with his or her total number of print jobs for the month. Awareness of how much each person is using is one way to ensure that employees are thinking smarter about eliminating wasteful use of resources which will reduce costs. Digital files are growing in popularity and eliminating the need for massive filing cabinets. Even the legal system is beginning to accept digital files to reduce paper waste.

The digital age is here to stay. The elimination of paper and printer waste is good for the economy and the environment. Companies are becoming aware of the need for print management techniques as a means to reduce costs. However, the need for printers will be with us for many years to come. Therefore, companies must look at ways to reduce costs. One of the best ways to save money now and in the future is to order remanufactured printer ink from

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