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Finding The Best Photo Printer Ink For Your Refurbished Printer


Getting the right photo printer ink can be a challenging thing. With some many types of ink to choose from, how do you ensure you get value for your money? You definitely do not want a cartridge that leaves ink streaks on your photos when you print. Before you purchase printer ink, there are a number of things you should consider. Ensure that the printer ink and cartridge you get is compatible with your printer. An Epson cartridge is likely not to work in an HP printer. Also, check the model of your printer. Just because an ink printer cartridge is from Epson does not mean it will work with all Epson photo printers. Check the printer manual for a list of cartridges that you can use. It is recommended to buy toners and ink from your printer's manufacturer. However, you can also get remanufactured printer ink toners from third party ink suppliers.

Check the color of the ink that you should buy. Depending on your printer, you may have to buy three to eight different ink colors. Printers meant for home use may only need two cartridges; one for black and the other for cyan (light blue), yellow and magenta (red), to produce colored photos. High end photo printers may have different tanks for different ink colors.

If you want to save, you can go for remanufactured printer ink. Most ink manufacturers refurbish and refill their cartridges and sell them at a lower price. The cartridge parts are checked and those that are found to be damaged or deteriorated are removed and exchanged with ones that are working. The cartridges are then cleaned and pieced together. These ink cartridges can be found at discount ink printer shops online. Also, some stores offer discounts to customers who buy ink in bulk.

Should you buy a manufacturer's ink or will a generic one work just fine? Most printer manufactures have their own line of ink that they recommend for their printers. However, this does not mean that generic ink will not work on your printer even though there might be a slight difference in quality that most people will not be able to tell. If you are a professional photographer, the printer manufacturer's ink may be your best choice but if your only need the ink for home or office use, generic ink will work just fine.

You can find discount manufacturer's ink cartridges at online discount stores, especially if you buy in bulk. Generic ink is comparably cheaper and is also available online. The decision on whether to buy generic or manufacturer's photo printer ink ultimately comes down to the quality of prints you want.

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