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Finding Printer Ink That Is Both Affordable And Reliable


Someone recently made the observation that name-brand printer ink sold under the banners of any of the big four printer manufacturing companies: HP, Canon, Lexmark and Epson, costs more than gold. For those consumers following their printer manufacturers' directives to replace empty ink cartridges with only original replacement units, the expenses can mount up quickly. Using affordable printer ink alternatives such as third party compatibles or generic cartridges can end up saving you a bundle, but if the print quality is unsatisfactory or your printer becomes damaged as a result of using substandard inks then the trade off was probably ill advised. Fortunately, viable solutions exist.

Finding printer ink that is both affordable and reliable can be accomplished fairly easily online if you know what you're looking for. It's no secret that many items imported into the United States from overseas are often low in price but also low in quality. And, while products made in America may carry what seems to be a higher price tag initially, in the long run their quality and longevity more than make up for the difference. Affordable printer ink is worthless if it doesn't meet your quality standards or ends up ruining your printer.

Printer inks are compared and reviewed frequently, including detailed articles in some of the top-read consumer and computer magazines. Experts agree that buying printer ink not especially designed for the particular printer in which it's being used can sometimes cause problems. Many recommend use of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) refill cartridges as insurance that quality will be maximized. This is especially true for users printing a great deal of photos or graphics. Unfortunately, as already observed, these OEM inks cost their weight in gold.

When researching affordable printer ink merchants online, look for sites that proudly announce their specific attention to using only the highest quality inks. Only those who sell printer inks that meet or exceed the printer manufacturers' specifications should be considered. Some sellers boast printer ink quality that's even superior to the OEMs. The cost savings that accompany the switch from OEM replacements to compatibles can be significant.

Most reliable printer ink suppliers offer a section on their website where users can post testimonials or product ratings/reviews. These may give an indication of the quality and service you can expect from a particular company. Another factor that will partly determine printer ink affordability is the cost of shipping. Some sites offer a flat rate while others will include free shipping on orders exceeding a certain amount. Once you find a company that has an eye toward quality, detail, affordability and customer service, you've found your printer ink provider.

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