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Finding Printer Ink Online And Two Danger Signs To Watch Out For


To keep the cost of printer ink low, many consumers head online. This is a great idea, because ink websites don't have many of the costs of big box retailers. They don't need to budget for advertising in the same way, they don't need display space, and they can focus on a single product. There's also much more competition on the Internet, and all of this combines to make online printer ink very inexpensive when compared to cartridges that you see in major stores. However, before you head off to buy ink cartridges online, it can be very helpful to know what to look for--and more importantly, what to look out for.

First of all, know what you're looking for, and you'll have a better chance of finding the right ink. Look in your printer's manual to get the exact model number of the color and black printer ink cartridge that the device uses. Don't assume that you'll be able to tell by looking at a picture of an ink cartridge whether it will work for your printer. Many printer manufacturers make similar cartridges for various models of printers that they sell, but there's no guarantee that the printer ink cartridge for one printer will work with another. You can avoid a lot of hassle by being exact.

Watch out for expired and generic printer ink cartridges. Generic cartridges can invalidate your printer's warranty, and their quality varies greatly. Some are more prone to ink spills or are otherwise defective. Expired printer ink cartridges may not work very well, as ink may have settled and may clog print heads. This can be an especially big problem if you have a printer with built-in print heads. Some websites don't list the expiration dates of their ink cartridges, but you can usually find out with a quick email. Be careful when buying in bulk--don't buy too many ink cartridges, or they might expire before you get a chance to use them.

You should also watch out for high shipping charges, especially if you're only buying one or two printer cartridges. Online printer ink is certainly less expensive than it would be in a physical store, but only if you buy from websites that charge a reasonable rate for shipping. Cut down on shipping costs by buying several cartridges at a time, and choose the slowest possible shipping method. With the right approach, you'll save a lot of money over the life of your printer by buying online. Be sure to take a careful approach, watch for scams, and you'll see tremendous savings almost immediately. A little bit of research goes a long way.

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