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Finding Affordable Black Printer Ink Cartridges For Monochrome Printers


Black printer ink cartridges are usually less expensive than color cartridges and they're even less expensive for monochrome printers. This is because monochrome printers are designed to be extremely efficient; they don't waste a drop of printer ink thanks to innovative designs which minimize issues like print head failure. Monochrome printers are a great choice for serious office printing needs. They can generally handle a much greater print duty cycle than color printers, but as they're made by the same companies that make the most popular color printers, black printer ink cartridges can still be excessively expensive. This is because printer companies undercharge for printers while overcharging for print cartridges, and although this pricing technique is a bit less conspicuous for office monochrome printers, it still drives up the cost of ink.

There are still ways for consumers to find low prices on black printer ink for monochrome printers. One of the best ways is to look for generic printer ink manufacturers. Generic ink cartridges are just as dependable as standard ink cartridges, and as monochrome printers often use a similar ink formula and similar cartridge construction within different model groups, generic manufacturers can easily make great monochrome ink cartridges at a fraction of the price of what brand-name companies charge. It's important to look for generic ink cartridges from a reliable supplier, however, and buyers should look for cartridges that exactly match their printers' model numbers.

Remanufactured printer ink cartridges are another great option. Monochrome printer users tend to use a lot of ink, and many cartridges arrive damaged or broken. These cartridges are returned to the main printer manufacturer or to a third-party manufacturer and can be recycled. Remanufactured cartridges are held to the same quality guidelines as brand-new cartridges, but because they cost less to produce, they're often much less expensive. Black printer ink cartridges tend to be remanufactured more than other types of printer ink, so finding low cost, remanufactured cartridges for a monochrome printer is often quite easy.

Printer ink refill kits are another option. These kits allow monochrome printers to be refilled by hand, and while some printer owners worry that refill kits are excessively complicated, they tend to be very easy to use. Buyers should consider ink refill kits along with generic and remanufactured cartridges when making a purchase, as these alternatives to brand name printer ink cartridges can greatly reduce the cost per print in a home office or at a business. Buying from a reputable supplier and comparing costs online will lead to the lowest possible printer ink prices and a great, consistent supply of printer ink for any monochrome printer.

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