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Features You May Not Need From Your Printer Ink


Many people have noticed that the cost of printer ink cartridges has been on a steady rise for awhile now. At the same time, many have taken notice of the drop in actual printer costs, even for those machines that can multi-task and are praised for their quality. The reason for this change in the industry is that manufacturers have noticed a trend in the market. These companies noticed that a lot of their revenue was coming from the sale of printer ink cartridges and not from the printers. Printer ink tends to dry out or be depleted quickly, especially if you are an individual or company that prints a lot of materials throughout the day. You have to go out and replenish your ink cartridges in order to continue working on your printer. These costs can add up for both individuals and businesses. However, there is a way to reduce the amount of work your printer ink does so that you can use your cartridges a lot more. The trick is in the printer ink features.

There are certain printer ink features that you may not need, at least not every time you print. This is especially true of the newer model printers like the inkjet technology and the like. The new printer models are made for high quality printing, specifically for images and graphics. However, if you purchased the inkjet printer to print random images and graphics, but primarily for its speed and usefulness, then you can turn that feature off. Essentially, if you go into your printer settings, you can reduce the quality of the printing you will be doing which ultimately reduces the amount of ink being used. If you know you'll only be printing stuff for yourself or for internal use in a business, the quality doesn't matter as much. Turning this feature off can elongate the time your ink is in use.

If you don't do a lot of color printing, this is yet another feature that can be turned on or off depending on the circumstances. Many people who use a printer at home tend to only print materials that need to be in black and white. For these individuals, all you'll need to do is go into your printer settings and select greyscale or black and white as your default printing option. This will ensure that even if you're printing something off the Internet, everything will come out in black ink rather than color, and this can save ink and money.

There are some features certain printer owners don't need. Turn these features off and you can save ink and money at the same time.

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