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Enhanced Pigment Inks And What They Do For Printing


As digital photography and desktop publishing become more prevalent among the public, a need for enhanced pigment inks delivered through a standard ink cartridge becomes more important. There are several advantages to enhanced pigment inks for the hobbyist. Firstly, the enhanced pigment inks provide for greater color density due to improved dot grain. This will make photos and graphic projects pop more, providing a much more pleasing result to the photographer or artist.

The enhanced pigment inks also dry faster, which makes a big difference to the photographer who prints off 30 or 40 images at a time only to find them stuck together because the ink has been slow to dry. This is particularly true with off brand media and paper that many consumers buy at Costco and other mass merchants.

There is also the issue of the life of the photo. Digital printing took a deserved bad rap for the fact that digital images faded quickly and did not allow for archival printing. While it isn't such a big deal if you possess the original digital image, some photos that are meant to be mementos, tend to fade away to almost nothing in just a few years. So, enhanced pigment inks, particularly those that come in a standard ink cartridge, will go a long way to reversing the valid concerns of the consumer regarding fading and archival framing of their cherished images.

The enhanced pigment inks just wear better than regular ink; they are more resistant to water, humidity and physical manipulation. Photos printed with these newer inks look, feel and respond more like photo store photos than what the public has come to regard as digital images.

When the average consumer looks and feels their photos, they may not realize why they prefer one photo over another, but studies show that enhanced pigment inks produce glossier blacks and darker colors and since there is not a big differential between the brighter colors and the darker colors, the pictures and other graphic output seem more pleasing to the eye and more professional in their presentation.

Enhanced pigment inks are now just beginning to become available to consumers in standard ink cartridges. This will prove to be a renaissance of excitement for the printing public. The new pop in our output will jazz those of us who have been printing for years, and folks who were afraid to trust their memories to the digital printing process will embrace the digital world. There is just one thing one can say about enhanced pigment ink coming to standard ink cartridges: It is great!

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