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Deciding Whether To Use Generic Printer Ink Cartridges Or Refills


With the prevalence of the Internet and so many companies taking to the Web, there are plenty of ways to save when shopping. This is good news for printer owners and operators since printer costs have been rising for the last few years. While the cost of printers has gone down, making even the most high-tech printer more affordable, the cost of printer ink has gone up dramatically. So much so is this the case that many people have been searching for alternative ways to keep their printer running. Some newer printers have the technology to reduce the amount of ink being used, thereby conserving ink and reducing operating costs. However, printer ink cartridges must be replaced at some point, so it is important to know whether to buy generic ink, brand ink or a printer ink refill kit.

Brand printer ink, even at third party vendor sites, can still be quite expensive for the average consumer. Even businesses that print a lot are trying to cut back on costs due to the down economy. As such, many consumers have been looking for ways to save on printer ink cartridges - some have chosen to go the printer ink refill path. Here are some factors to consider.

For individuals and small businesses that have printers but do not print that often, buying generic printer ink may be the best path. First, generic printer ink is made with the same chemical makeup as their brand counterpart, except for an element or two. This means that generic ink works just as well as brand ink but for a fraction of the cost. They print the same way and create similar looking documents, all while saving consumers money. One small complaint about generic ink is that they tend to dry a little quicker than brand printer ink. But this can be remedied by simply printing once in a while - this is especially true for those that print only occasionally. This will keep the ink fresh.

But for companies that do a lot of printing, or even individuals that do quite a bit of printing, printer ink refill kits are the way to go. The way this system works is that you simply fill a syringe with brand new ink and then inject it into an existing cartridge. What this means for the consumer is that only the ink needs to be purchased - brand or generic - and then injected the cartridge. Consumers can save a ton of money by simply using a refill system over having to purchase cartridge after cartridge.

Take this information into consideration the next time the printer ink dries up or stops working so you can save money.

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