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Dealing With Clogged Heads On An HP Printer Ink Cartridge


Whether professionals are spending time in their offices or using home computers, many agree there are few things more annoying than dealing with clogged printer cartridges. In addition to making the printing process impossible, clogged heads on printer ink cartridges can create huge HP printer ink messes that take forever to clean up. Avoid another remanufactured printer ink mess by following these simple steps for cleaning out clogged heads:

Use Built-In Printer Cleaning Cycles

Many of today's printer manufacturers understand how frustrating it is to find printer heads clogged with remanufactured printer ink. As an initial precaution, they may build special cleaning cycles into their printers. These cycles follow a specific schedule, thus ensuring that printer heads are kept clean at all times. The one downside to this method is that it has the potential to use up a lot of ink. And for someone on a tight budget, HP printer ink is an investment meant to be printed on actual paper, not used in preventing clogs.

Use a Cleaning Kit

For those who cannot afford to purchase massive amounts of ink, a basic printer cleaning kit may serve as a viable alternative. These do-it-yourself kits allow users to keep their printers clean without wasting ink. Most printer cleaning kits come with ammonia, an effective solution for removing dried ink.

Prevent Clogged Printer Heads

Although it is good to understand how to clean up clogged printer heads when they occur, it is even better to know how to keep the printer heads from clogging up in the first place. While it is not always possible to prevent clogging, good preventative measures can cut back on how often it occurs.

Some printer owners are surprised to learn that clogs are best prevented when the printers are used on a regular basis. Simply using a printer can help to prevent its ink from drying up, which in turn can prevent a clogged printer head. In fact, some printer owners simply print a colored page once a week over using weekly cleaning cycles. They say that weekly color printing is every bit as effective as a cleaning cycle, and it uses up a lot less ink.

Another good way to prevent a clogged printer head is to keep the printer clean at all times. Dust and dirt are often responsible for clogging, which is why it is important to wipe down the printer on a regular basis.

Cleaning out a clogged printer head is never enjoyable, but it is something that most printer owners are going to face at one point or another. Basic preventative measures can greatly delay the inevitable printer clog or at least space out time between clogs.

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